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Buyer Policies, Regulations & Guidelines

Buyer Registration Fees:

Registration Fees for all Buyer Delegates:
    • Early Bird Registration:     $200.00 (plus applicable taxes)
      Registration & Payment must be received by Friday, August 9, 2019

    • AFTER August 9, 2019:            $250.00 (plus applicable taxes)
    • AFTER October 11, 2019:        $400.00 (plus applicable taxes)

  • Registration fees include accommodation, activity tours, business sessions, and all CWM hosted meals, functions, and pre FAM tours.
  • Airfare is not included in the registration fee.
  • Fees are payable upon receipt of invoice, which will be issued upon confirmation of participation.

Buyer Policies, Regulations & Guidelines:

  • Buyer participation at the CWM trade show is by invitation only to qualified tour operators.
  • Travel agents, MICE organizations, Marketing organizations or voucher/coupon operators are not eligible to attend.
Buyer Attendance:
  • Buyers are required to attend the entire CWM trade show, November 17 to 20, 2019 inclusive. This includes two appointment sessions, comprised of a maximum of 50 appointments per session; one for Alberta Sellers and one for BC Sellers.
  • Buyers who fail to attend their appointments will be invoiced for their hotel accommodation and may not be invited to future CWM trade shows.
Repeat Buyers:
  • Repeat Buyers must be planning a new program or product this year, or have an expansion of their program or product from last year.
Attendance Priority:
  • Priority attendance will be awarded to new Buyers and Buyers offering new programs (i.e. operators looking to start a program, and emerging markets).
  • Tour operators located abroad who wish to send a Canada-based representative will be considered, but overseas buyers will be given priority.
  • Participation is by invitation only.
  • All tour operators must offer product in both BC and Alberta
  • All tour operators must be licensed accordingly.
  • The CWM Partners reserve the right to decline or waitlist any buyer application.
Second Delegates:
  • More than one representative per organization may be allowed to attend the 2019 CWM trade show provided the second representative is a qualified Buyer and an explanation is provided for review and approval by the CWM Partners. A maximum of two delegates per organization will be accepted.
  • Where two delegates are accepted, each Buyer delegate from that organization will be required to take their own set of appointments and must attend the entire CWM trade show.
Receptive Tour Operators:
  • Receptive tour operators (RTO) must be licensed and demonstrate they represent a number of products in both Alberta and BC and have been in business at least one year, with a proven track record for safe and professional operation
  • Canadian or U.S.-based receptive tour operators may register as a Seller, a Buyer or both. However, the same delegate cannot attend as both Buyer and Seller. If an RTO registers as both a Buyer and a Seller, two different delegates must attend; one as a Seller and one as a Buyer.
  • If an RTO chooses to attend as a Buyer, they must attend the entire CWM trade show.
  • If an RTO registers as a Seller, they may only participate in the appointment session they are registered for, either BC or Alberta appointment session, not both.
  • Space for Canadian or U.S.-based receptive tour operators is limited and will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.
Incentive Tour Operators:
  • The CWM trade show is an event servicing leisure markets. Therefore, MICE organizations are not eligible to attend, unless they have a dedicated leisure department.
  • All applications are subject to the approval of the CWM Partners.
Voucher/Discount Coupon Operators:
  • The CWM trade show is open to tour operators only by invitation. Organizations that provide a voucher/coupon program are not eligible to attend.
Marketing Organizations:
  • Organizations whose intent is to sell their product or services to buyers or sellers are not eligible to attend the CWM trade show.
Delegate Substitutions:
  • Delegate substitutions must be submitted in writing and approved by the CWM Partners.
  • All Buyers must be able to speak sufficient English to converse and conduct business with Sellers. In the absence of this, the Buyer must provide a translator.
  • The CWM trade show does not have translators available – these will need to be arranged and registered by the Buyer, and must be approved by the CWM Partners.
  • Registration and all associated costs for the translator are the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • The registration fee for translators is $250.00 (plus applicable taxes). The registration fee includes business sessions and all CWM hosted meals and functions. Accommodation and airfare are not included in the registration fee for translators.
  • With the exception of the specific authorization and approval of the individual by the CWM Partners; guests, spouses or VIPs are not permitted access to official CWM business sessions, events and functions.
  • The only function open to non-delegates is the CWM dinner & Dance at a cost of $100.00 per person and attendance must be approved by the CWM Partners.
  • CWM trade show badges must be worn at all times visibly by all delegates during the CWM trade show and are not transferable at any time. Admission to all official CWM business sessions, events and functions is by badge alone.
Floor Activity:
  • Buyers are not permitted to sell programs, services or other products to Sellers during appointments.
  • Buyers who do not adhere to this policy will not be invited to future CWM trade shows.
  • All Buyer delegates must pay their registration fee plus applicable taxes at the time of approval.
Cancellation Policy:
  • The cancellation deadline is Friday, September 20, 2019. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after this date.
  • The CWM Partners, contractors, Tourism Richmond, Richmond Conference Centre,transportation provider and the CWM hotels will not be held responsible for items lost or stolen at any time during the CWM trade show or official CWM functions & events. Delegates are responsible for their own personal belongings.


You may only continue if you ACCEPT the terms above.